MagicaVoxel to Sandbox Instructions

Entero Positivo
2 min readNov 24, 2020


In my previous post I showed how I made a landscape for The Sandbox using a tool I developed.

This tool has been developed using NodeJS and still is not online, so if you want to be a betatester and use it for free to make cool Sandbox landscapes you can follow this basic instructions.

The right now, my tool is able to convert landscapes up to 24x24 Sandbox lands, but in this article i only cover for 1x1 lands and for 2x2 estates because at the moment Sandbox game maker doesn’t allow to make biger games , but very soon it will.

Firsts Steps

You can download the following zip file containing 2 MagicaVoxel .vox files started templates, for 1x1 and for 2x2 lands

MagicaVoxel template for a standard 2x2 lands estate
  • Is very important to mantain your land design scene centered
  • You are free to design wat you want inside de virtual volume of your desired LAND . 96x96x128 for 1x1 lands and 192x192x128 for 2x2 lands
  • Every object you use in that volume will be converted so you can design lands as you want
Other 2x2 lands estate with different shape

When Sandbox allows to make games for bigger states you will follow the same rules

Sandbox 6x6 lands estate

The Palette

In the left side you can see the palette, each color corresponds to a Sandbox existing block

How to convert

At the moment only myself can convert your design with my computer, so once you finish your work with MagicaVoxel you can send me your .vox using the contact you will see inside ZIP file.

Once I send you the converted landscape in .LPK format you only must copy it to C:\Users\[YOUR_NAME]\AppData\LocalLow\TSBGAMING\The Sandbox\Experiences\Local-Packages

And opening Sandbox Game Maker you will see your creation there.